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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

With a Heavy Heart.. a very short post...

"In the world of photography, you get to share a captured moment with other people." ~ James Wilson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 31 Photos in 31 days~ ~ I do know that he is a moth.. But I like to think of him as a butterfly in casual clothing.. Or maybe he is wearing his tweed suit.. either way he fluttered me three times before I finally gave in and made his photo too.. ~ Hiding behind twigs finally I captured this guy.. he led me on a merry chase around the chicken pens and hog pen before finally settling here for just a split second.. ~ ~ then he was off again in search of a sweeter nectar.. Weekday Photo's.. Macro #11~ Butterfly! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is with a heavy heart that I post tonight.. It's hard for me to accept that we have gangs and/or drug related shootings here in our small town.. I grew up here.. we never locked doors.. we were not afraid .. and yet.. Several families have been destroyed tonight.. at least One young man already dead and several others injured.. and though I know my opinion will not be popular I also feel for the families of the perpetrators.. I have to wonder which is worse.. to know your son died quickly and even though his life was cut short and his family was robbed of his future.. what of the family who will see their child die a million times over and over in so many ways.. as his life plays out behind bars.. So much desperation and hatred in our world.. My heart weeps for all of the families involved.. Thanks for stopping by.. Sorry I wasn't in a better frame of mind tonight.. I hope things are much more cheerful in your world.. Have a great Night! Patsy

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