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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday.. Hot.. Dry.. and Dripping with Drama..

"I'd rather be rejected than used because they both amount to the same thing in the end, but being used takes a lot longer." ~ Marilyn vos Savant ++++++++++++++++++++ Just a few words about drama... Last night our small town reeled as word was passed from mouth to ear around and around of the shooting of several of our young folks and the death of one.. within fifteen minutes of the crime there were posts on the most popular of the social networking sights about what had happened and who had done what and reasons and causes and "let me tell yous" and "I know because I once lived next door"... tales.. Yes I said tales.. most of it was based on I heard.. she heard.. he heard.. so we shall repeat..we shall change the parts we doubt.. we shall add our opinion.. we shall say we heard from someone who knew.. and we shall rush to the wonderful Internet and share what we think is true.. my own children are young adults who knew the victims .. I commend the families of these young men.. they have been very kind to the few commenters that they have openly corrected.. I would not have been.. Drama.. the need of some to be important when the whole world is busy staring at the tragedy of another ... Lets all think about the needs of a family to grieve and have their privacy.. let the drama rest.. you can be important again next week or maybe the next.. thank God that this time it wasn't your family who was stricken.. Please keep all families who grieve the loss of their young men and women.. both here at home to crimes and to those who we lose every day in service to our country.. in your thoughts and in your prayers.. Have a great day! Patsy ++++++++++++++++++++
~ though this looks like an elegant beach front dwelling.. it is actually part of a fancy putt putt golf course.. Isn't it lovely in sepia? ++++++++++++++++++++
~ Hot Foot?.. Cool river water!
Wordless Wednesday~ ++++++++++++++++++++
~ Kirstin.. all smiles in her wedding white! ~ carefully dropping the colorful scented rose petals..


  1. What a sweet little princess! She looks like she was really concentrating on her big job!

    I am sorry to hear about the other terrible news. How sad for everyone involved.


  2. Great shots. The sepia one looks almost like a fairytale-land.

  3. great shots! your princess is so adorable.

    by the way, i am now following you.

  4. Very nice set of pics. Sepia is great! I think to day will be a shoot in sepia day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Very very beautiful sepia shot. I love the quotes too thanks for sharing!


  6. I enjoyed your photos but it was your insight to the behavior of your neighbors that caught my attention. I agree, people don't mean to be cruel but want to feel important. They don't realize how inappropriate their behavior is.

  7. Because of the trees nearby it looks like California or Florida? Great for a sepia scene!

  8. Jeannette~ It is in Florida.. I agree it does look good in sepia.. thanks for stopping by..

    Martha~ I am known around here as the crazy woman who will set people Sometimes someone else has to be important is what I always taught my children.. I think some folks never learned that.. Thanks for visiting my world..

    Manang Kim~Thanks for stopping by./. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to my simple world....

    Natasha and Rosel~ Thanks// the little princess is the grooms daughter.. now my grand-daughter.. she says I'm her evil step Granny..
    we laugh and joke when I go out with them.. she is a sweet heart.. I tell her I will kiss a blister on her..

    Wil and Ma.links~ I really like sepia.. statues and fountains seem to look good in that tone as do a lot of buildings and bridges..

    Thanks to everyone who visited my world today.. have a great day!

  9. Yes, it is, very lovely,thinks Anki


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