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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday.. Hot and Dry.. I Danced in Your Memory~... But Still No Rain!

"Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted." ~ Jules Renard ************************* " I HAVE TO SKATE!!"
... Weekday Photos- Creative Editing~
Add a Colorful background~ ... ************************** ..
(photo by- Tana Holder)~ **************************
~ trees in the morning sun.. in sepia this photo reminds me of wrapping paper....
Today has been sad and happy and so many things all rolled into one.. A very good friend of mine would have had a birthday today.. I danced a few steps in the chicken yard in his memory.. I even stuck a few feathers in my braid.. I drummed on the egg gathering bowl and swayed and stomped.. I wondered if he saw me and laughed.. I hope he did.. I tried to give a Native American yell that I once heard him do.. Mine wasn't fierce as his was.. the dog barked and the roosters crowed.. they were not impressed.. I did hear a roll of thunder while I finished gathering eggs.. No Rain though.. I shared a few minutes with one of his sisters whom I love very much.. I hope I gave her a tiny sprig of comfort..
Several people have been sick and on my mind.. good news.. or maybe if not good news.. then not exactly bad news on a few of those worries.. and still one more to face next week..
Tomorrow I'll be trying another something new... you never know where I'll turn up and in what capacity.. I will shop and be mysterious.. and perform my newest duties to the best of my abilities.. what fun.. to shop for free and get to be a tattle tale sometimes.. I thank you for stopping by my blog.. I hope you found your visit interesting and fun.. Have a great night..


  1. My condolences on the lose of your friend. Your celebration to him made me smile and I'm sure he smiled too.

    I enjoyed your stream of consciousness writing and yes, I had fun dancing through your ideas and thoughts along with you.

    Oh. And your photo. I increased the size to figure out the dark gathering at the top of the bare tree. Mistletoe perhaps? Or a very large nest?

  2. Sending you some joy - I love that you celebrated his memory and his birthday, it's not often we have such good friends to do this for us when we pass on :) Great photo for 31 Photos..

  3. Thank you so much for dancing in Brad's memory. He would have been proud. Beth, Althea and I did a smudging ceremony asking for peace for us all... I love you, you are truely the very definition of a friend.

  4. Annie~ a very large nest. we often see a lone hawk resting there..

    Tracey~ I wonder sometimes how many real true friends I have.. I try to be a good friend and a good person in general.. Thanks.. I love water photos..

    Camella~ I danced for us all.. I love you!

    Thanks to all who visited me here today! Have a wonderful day!


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