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Monday, August 2, 2010

Now Did you say Macro or Micro??

" A mountain is composed of tiny grains of earth. The ocean is made up of tiny drops of water. Even so, life is but an endless series of little details, actions, speeches, and thoughts. And the consequences whether good or bad of even the least of them are far-reaching." ~ Sivananda +++++++++++++++ I had just pulled my feet up off the floor when I felt the hair on my arm rise.. I knew what was coming .. the phone was about to ring.. I know it sounds weird but that is just me.. I sat back up and looked at the clock.. 1:17 am.. who on earth I was thinking just as the first ring bellowed out of the phone on the dresser.. The Call went something like this.. " Hey Mama.." Shaking my head cause I knew by her voice nothing was wrong.. "Hey EM.." ... "was you asleep?" .. I love my kids but they need to sleep at night! "NO Em.. not yet.." " OH.. so have you ever seen Macro something.. it's a blog.. they do it on Mondays I think..".. "No Em.. what was it called?".. "Macro something.. it's pictures.. I thought you might want to try it..we could try it.. if we knew how..".. I sat wondering if I was awake or asleep and with a yawn asked.." did you say Micro or Macro?.." I think it was about then that she must have looked at her own clock.. "Mama were you asleep? I said Macro but that's OK.. we'll think about it tomorrow.." and after the normal I love you... goodnight we hung up and I crawled back into my bed.. Dave was sleeping pretty good by the sound of things.. snores echoing through the dark.. I coughed.. he rolled and hushed.. for five minutes.. then the rumbles again.. I had never heard of Macro Micro or what ever Monday.. I knew good and well there wasn't something I didn't know about on the Internet.. and to do with Blogging too.. Nope.. that couldn't be.. and just like that I was up and out of the bed.. I was on a mission.. I had to know... it was keeping me awake not knowing.. now did she say MICRO.. or Macro.. or... Google is my friend... macro \'mak-(.)ro-\ aj [macr-] 1: excessively developed : LARGE, THICK 2: of or involving large quantities 3: GROSS That definition didn't sound right and then I found it.. Macro Monday.. a photo meme.. I looked at it and googled some more.. Macro was in a way Micro photography.. I might be hooked.. I wondered if my old digital camera would do this.. I got it in the brightest light I could find and looked over the settings.. It had a Macro focus setting right there where I had never looked.. I should have googled this sooner.. If I had only known.. I have spent most of today looking at things in a whole new way.. These are a few of my new photo's.. Thanks Emily for showing your old Mama something new.. such tiny things packed with such beauty..
~ with my new settings all set I pointed the camera at my bottles of blue.. and though I liked it...they weren't what I wanted .. Maybe I was too far away.. maybe the bottles were too Blue?? ~ so I flashed at my birds.. blue and green.. Handsome Guys .. but still not the shot I wanted to share.. I was back to Google.. I was missing something important..
I googled.. looked at some samples of seashells and bugs and other examples.. tiny things shown in the greatest detail like crickets and spiders and beautiful tiny flower blossoms..
Finally I think I might have it almost figured out.. Have a look at my Macro photos.. feel free to tell me what you think...
~ Fresh Fish... a whole mess of them..
~ a weathered old rope..
~used to guide the blind through a flower garden.. ~ and a delicate flower.. found in a bucket in my back yard.. each tiny blossom the size of a dime..
I have loved each moment of today.. looking at everyday things up close and in a different way.. I have seen things I wouldn't have seen yesterday.. so much detail that I must have been ignoring... I hope you have enjoyed my new adventure in photography.. A great big thanks to all of my visitors today .. I hope you have enjoyed you stay.. I welcome comments.. just click on the word Comment at the end of this post.. Take time to give something in your world a closer look.. Have a wonderful Day.. Patsy
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  1. I had fun taking pictures today and discussing macro photography also!! I love you!!

  2. Wonderful pictures, Boss! I love seeing life through your eyes. Does this mean I can call you at 1am if I can think of something interesting to say?? LOL Go take some more pictures! I love 'em. And I also love Em...

  3. Emily~ I had a great time too even if my batteries do die every time we are together to take pictures.. what's up with that?

    Anon~ You can call me at 1am.. you might hear some ugly words or something depending on what I am But it really does need to be interesting.. Love ya!

  4. Great pics..loving the theme...stirrings in my brain.....thanks for these..

  5. I not only love your photos, I love how you write. This was a wonderful post to read and thank you so much for sharing it with Today's Flowers. Have a great week.
    An English Girl Rambles


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