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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday .. No Rest Around Here..

" Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad. " ~ Victor Hugo ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Weekly Winners~ 31 Photos in 31 Days~ Day 29- ... I love my birds.. they hate to see my camera and will do everything they can so.. ~ that I DO NOT.. get a decent photo of them.. this time I tricked them a little bit.. Camera Critters #125~ Camera Critters ~ Lewis.. .. Boomerang.. ~ Lensday~ Softness- ~ This Lady is Janet.. How do you like her hair .. Her Feathers are done in the latest soft twirls.. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ See It Sunday ~ Sad- Now you tell me straight up.. Is that not the saddest little face you ever saw?? I have to admit that Cooper always could do the saddest little face.. Thankfully he has grown out of the sad face stage a little bit.. I bet he could still pull off a sad one though.. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What a busy.. busy day.. Everyday stuff to do.. always something to do.. laundry for a crowd.. someone to feed.. I think I might have lazy fever.. I have heard there there is no cure for it.. But that a nap might help! I haven't even looked into the possibility of that.. even I know better.. Have a great day! Patsy


  1. Kids and birds (animals) don't like to cooperate with the camera. My dogs will sit like statues until I point my camera at them. Then it's all nose and tail shots.

  2. It *is* the saddest little face! Kids - they are such manipulators. ;)

  3. Isn't it funny how our pets know when we want to take a picture and will do what they can to avoid them. My old cat had gotten resigned to it and would let me get right in his face to take pics. The new little cat? Not so much. LOL

    Anyway -- Cute birds (& sad face)!!!

  4. Love your photos! We always had a parakeet when I was growing up, I miss having one!

  5. whatever trickery you used, it worked... some great images!


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