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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday.. a Week Half Done!

" A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened." ~ Albert Camus * * * * * * It's another hot Wednesday.. hump day to some.. a week half done to others.. and to many it is just another day.. maybe even a day late and a dollar short to some.. .. Thanks for stopping by my world.. I hope you enjoy the little glimpses I will share with you today..Have a great Wednesday! Patsy * * * * * * ~ Watery Wednesday #99~ ~ Anthony makes a gigantic splash as he lands in the churning cool WATER! .... I am pretty sure that ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGG is not a WORD! ~ Wordless Wednesday * * * * * * ~ White Wednesday #59~ ~ This tiny WHITE flower actually blooms on a weed that we pull up from our garden and toss to the chickens.. But shown here as my 4Th photo in 31 DAYS.. it is actually very dainty and beautiful... ~ 31 Photos in 31 Days ~ Day #4 * * * * * * ~ Joshua Noah Sawyer Meets the Sawyer clan ~ " I'm new to this whole smile for the camera thing.. that light was bright and.. wait a minute.. I feel water.. who was that.. who are you?.. Can I get a bottle?.." Weekday Photos- Wednesday Edition ~ 2 of a kind #10 ~ This weeks theme: Lights On/ Off ..Creative editing.. ~ "Are you tired Grandpa?.. I'm not a bit tired myself.. (yawn)... we could make faces some more... that rocking is making me... (yawn)...sleepy.. My eyelids are getting it getting dark in here?.. (Yawn)... burp.. (yawn). . . . !" * * * * * * Today's Buttons...


  1. Hope you enjoy your Wednesday too! Nice shots. That one of the water slide is great! What fun!

  2. Fantastic captures. Baby Joshua is adorable.
    Love the water slide too. His expression is priceless. :)

  3. nice captures. i particularly like the water slide shot, how cool!

  4. Love water slides-- my last week's WW was a waterslide. It has been 105 degrees here so a waterslide sounds very refreshing!

  5. Great candid shot of the water slide! Reminds me of my adventures at water parks when my son was young! Stay cool and thanks for stopping by my WW.

  6. 2sweetandsaxy~ It is so hit here.. I'd love to be on that slide about now.. thaks for stopping by..

    Shey~ I love wonderful expressions.. many times an expression tells a story all on it's on... thanks for visiting me today..

    Life ramblings~ Water slides are great fun.. sadly the closest one to us was closed down a few years ago.. I'm looking for a new place to splash Thanks for stoping by..

    J Bar~ I love water shots.. in fact I love cool clean water.. Have a great day.. thanks for stopping by..

    Lesa~ a waterslide is always fun and refreshing.. Thanks for visiting me..

    Linnea W~ I have so many photo's of my kids falling into jumping out of and all over and under water.. WE all love water a lot.. Thanks for stopping by..

    Thanks to all who visited here.. Have a great day!

  7. Great fun photo :)

    Thanks for dropping by...

  8. I would certainly enjoy that water slide about now. It's unbelievably hot here and that looks like a great way to cool off.
    Thanks for visiting my site.


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