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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday.. Sweltering.. and Though it Thundered.. Not a drop of Rain!

"Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave 'em all over everything you do" ~ Elvis Presley ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 31 Photos in 31 days!~ Day 13... ~ These fancy roses grow beautifully in the gardens in Orangburg SC.. pleasing both the eyes and the noses of people who travel many miles to see them.. They are indeed very lovely... ~ this simple beauty first grew in the woods.. someone probably had a house there at some time or the other and decided to move on.. leaving this beautiful old... - Red Rose bush behind... My Grandma and I found it as we traipsed through the woods and toted it home to her little house.. a while after we moved it she gave me a tiny cutting that she had stuck into some sand and covered with a quart mason jar.. until it grew a few tiny roots.. I have dragged this poor rose bush here and there and everywhere for the last 30 years.. moving it time and again.. it even survived in a bucket for a couple of years when we were constantly on the move... I am happy that it has survived and graced my life with beautiful roses for so many years.. It has been with me through many trial and troubles.. to me it's blooms are just as bright and it's scent just as sweet as any other rose I have ever seen.. it is one of my "fingerprints" from God! Weekday Photos~ Nature #4- Red Rose... Fingerprint Friday~ from The Rusted Chain ( we are asked to share our idea of Fingerprints from God!) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ My Town Shootout~ Roads and Pathways... ~ Would you just look at that sky.. this is made at the end of the dirt road where I live.. I was about to turn into my road when I stuck the camera out the window and pressed the button.. The sky was beautiful.. then it turned dark and thunder rolled.. the electricity even blinked off erasing all of my hard work on this blog.. forcing me to begin again.. ~ though they mat not be apparent to just anyone.. there are many paths through these trees.. the deer and the dogs have their own paths as do the squirrels.. rats.. and even the birds.. I can take a winding path to avoid the briers or I can just plow straight through to my neighbor.. Tina's.. house.. I am glad that the path you are traveling today led you through my simple world.. I hope you have enjoyed your visit here.. Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Friday! Patsy SkyWatch Friday- Season 4- Episode #5... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Fix it Friday #66~ from I Heart Faces... ~We have been given permission to edit this photo by it's owner..( Angie Arthur). for Fix it Friday.. at I heart Faces!
I decided to leave his beautiful blue eyes!
he is such a cutie.. he made me think of My oldest son at that age.. so I decided to do a photo of my son too.. His Birthday is today! He is 32 years old.. he was a cutie too.. Happy Birthday son..
I love you.. and miss you!... I gave them both some ice cream to celebrate Anthony's birthday today..
~ this is my original.. I told you he was a cutie!!


  1. Yes, very interesting edit! And for the pathways shot, I loved the pine forest. Yes, there must be paths throughout that area. Important to figure out the right ones.

  2. Lovely sky shots here. I really enjoyed the story of your rose bush and the photos of the kids are quite cute. Hope you have a happy Friday!!

  3. I will be sending you some of my cold weather and rain from New Zealand. Just don't peep,

    Your son's birthday. Tell him that in some Chinese family. mum gets a present on his birthday. he is 32, and he should know. It is called the day of mum's greatest suffering.

  4. Happy Fingerprint Friday! Beautiful photos!

  5. I think I definitely will get lost in that path into the wood!

  6. Love to see that red rose of yours.

  7. the road in the woods is the one for me!!


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