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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Run Down Memory Lane! What a Fun Day!

"Poetry is life distilled." ~Gwendolyn Brooks ********************** Todays Flowers~... In my Grandma's yard.... ********************** ...One of my newest nine kids....... Project Life Tuesday~ ********************** ... That's My World Tuesday~ .. I can NOT believe that I chose to sit on the steps where I have sat so many.. many times before.. I would love to sit there now with Grandma Knitting away up on the porch and talking about the lady across the street that loved pickles... I am not making faces.. I am singing... "I hate to sit on steps.. when I get growed up... lalalala.. You can't make me... Lallaaalaala" the same song I sang when I was seven sitting there on the steps..... ********************** ... Weekday Photos - Macro #18- Tomato .....
Great tasting grape tomatoes... **********************
Thanks for visiting my world today.. today me and a sidekick went on an adventure to the past.. we had a wonderful time even if the police were called.. Lucky for us they have a hard time arresting you for making a picture of a flower that is growing in the yard of an abandoned house... Oh what a day.. we laughed .. I cried.. I wore out three sets of batteries in my camera.. What fun.. Have a great day!


  1. I wish that I could remember Grandma Janie. I love that pic of you. It's so full memories? time? As if she's there with you; as if I were there. She'd make me sit on the porch right next to you. You'll have to teach me your song!

  2. I would have loved to tagged along but I wouldn't have been much help with the police as wore out as I am they would have thought I was drunk! Oh I used to love to prog (sp) around with you.


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