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Monday, July 26, 2010

Lets Celebrate!! It is Aunt and Uncle day!

"Maybe! Maybe! Maybe if your aunt had a beard, she'd be your uncle." ~ Alvah Bessie When : July 26Th Aunt and Uncles Day honors a very special pair of relatives. They are your parent's brothers and sisters... or in some cases just special friends of you parents that become honorary Aunts and Uncles.. we called some of my parent's cousins aunt and uncle as well.. my children called my first cousins who were grown before they were born aunt and uncle.. they called my best friends aunt as well.. I hope you have a lot of Aunts and Uncles. Our Aunts and Uncles mean a lot to us. Among other things, they are most likely: ~ The backup babysitter when mom and dad go out, or are at work. ~ Someone who takes you to fun places and events. ~ Someone whose house is a great place to spend the night, especially if you have cousins who's company you enjoy. ~ The ones who give you great presents for birthdays, Christmas and sometimes just because. ~ someone you can talk to. ~ Real characters at family get-togethers. ~ (I am the crazy Aunt in my family..) The wonderful benefits of Aunts and Uncles goes on, and on, and on... I am sharing some photo's of our family's colorful Aunts and Uncles..
~ Less than half of my children's Aunts and Uncles..
~ Aunts or Uncles will dress up in funny costumes to help you celebrate birthdays..
~ they will lay with you in the grass.. to listen to a secret~
~ They will hop right in at family gatherings..~
And fly with you along the shore..~
~ They will cover your ears to protect you from bad jokes...
and teach you about the latest hair styles~
But most of all.. they will love you and do their best to guide you.. and you will miss them long after they are gone...
My only surviving Uncle.. ~ ~The two I miss the most! ~
If you have Aunts and Uncles maybe you can honor them in some small way today..
a visit or a phone call would be a great place to start... thanks for stopping by my blog today!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Patsy - I just found you through Entrecard as you had visited my site. Do you know my family hasn't digitised any of their old photos (my parents' wedding, photos of my sister and I as kids) so inspired by those old shots you've posted I'm going to take my laptop and scanner over to their place next time I'm in the area and get copies into my own online albums so we can share them around the family - and possibly more widely, who knows - there are a lot of interesting stories behind those shots!


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