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Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Time for Camera Critters..

“When you give a lesson in meanness to a critter or a person, don't be surprised if they learn their lesson” ~ Will Rogers Camera CrittersCamera Critters # 120 ~ How slow can you go??? We're starving here.. OK then we'll surround you... ~ Man.. I can't believe we did all that prancing.... quacking and surrounding for day old bread.... ~ and I'm still hungry... Jennifer struggles to untie a bread tie as the strange looking critters surround her and her little friends.. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.. Have a great day.. Patsy


  1. Ohhh such sweet children taking care of the geese.

  2. chubskulit~ the ducks and geese here are very bossy.. they will crowd around looking for crumbs and sometimes even fight to be the first one fed.. Thanks for stopping by my blog..


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