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Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh What a Day .. But At Least It's Friday!

"Time ripens all things. No man is born wise. Bishops are made of men and not of stones." ~ Miguel de Cervantes
~ Somewhere between my own house and where my Grandma once lived..
Sky Watch Friday- Season 4.. Episode 12- ************************************************** ... This reflection is in a window of what used to be Grandma's house.. standing there..
hating what her house had become.. I did a little "reflecting" of my own.. I thought about how much she loved her home.. how she would rock on the porch and enjoy people watching.. and about how silly it seems to me that there are so many abandoned and neglected houses everywhere.. are we such a selfish people that we would rather for a house to simply fall in around left behind treasures than to rent it.. or even to pack up belongings of our parents.. I left there wishing I could take the shutters.. that I am willing to bet either my Dad or Uncle made
and thinking about how sad it is that her house and the one next to it will both be no more in a short time.. It makes me angry.. I know people who could fix those houses and who also need a safe place to live...
.... WeekEnd Reflections #54- ************************************************** - Old and twisted.. Weekday Photos- (flashback!)- Lonely Tree- ***************************************************
a little knob on a big gun..
...Photo Friday- Macro shot...
******************************************************** - the runt..
Friday.. My Town Shoot Out- Black & Orange...
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  1. Such warm memories and certainly something to think about. We do grow attached to our houses! Love that little runt, too.

  2. what's the background of using pumpkins? New Zealand is slowly catching up with Halloween.

  3. et bien que de defit net ;O)

    en tout cas tout est tres reussie,bravo !

  4. what a little guy! what kind of dog is he/she? very cute shot.

  5. It is sad to see houses falling apart, small businesses are to in my small town. They fall apart on the outside first, then the inside goes. It makes me wonder what is happening to us as a society to just let things slowly dither to nothing.

    Sorry for my babbles up there but it hit a cord with me. :)

  6. It's very sad about the house but your photos are great. You managed to turn a sad situation into a very interesting reflection photo.

  7. Oh I love the photo of the puppy and pumpkins. It is so darn cute and put the biggest smile on my face.


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