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Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday.. A Bright New Day.. A New Start to a New Week.. Let's Make It the Best We Can!

"A blue dog, you know, is the opposite of a yellow dog. And a yellow dog was somebody who was willing to follow his party even when he knew it was wrong." ~ Mike Thompson
Creative Colors #19 Khaki
~ Skater in Khaki shorts..
- very old blue glass bottles..
- Beautiful yellow fall flowers.. ~ Today's Flowers-
~ a flying rest in the cool morning air.. I have been told that this is a fungus gnat.. If that is correct then I have to say.. that is one BIG gnat! I am afraid I don't know much about bugs.. this fellow sat calm and still for me to make his photograph.. then I tried to touch it to be sure it was alive.. It flew quickly away.. If you know what it is .. feel free to comment so that we will all know..
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  1. Great series of photos. Thanks so much for including us at Today's Flowers. I have enjoyed every one of them.

  2. I think blue glass is so pretty! I don't know the name of that bug, but I agree that if it's a gnat, it sure is a big one! :)

  3. Great shots! I came over from Mellow Yellow Monday to look at that beautiful fall flower.

    Erika B

  4. do'nt know the bug but it's a great shot!

  5. Loving all of your images..your blue monday really grabbed my attention... what a gorgeous shade of blue! Wonderful details in that bug as well!

  6. Chesney~ I have maybe a dozen of those old bottles.. mt oldest son found them in the woods many years ago and dragged them home to me.. I love them..

    Maaike~ thanks.. it was cool so he was still for a long time.. I love macro photography!

    Erika B- I really enjoy capturing the tiny details of flowers with macro photography..

    Jayleigh~ and Smiling Sally~ Happy Blue monday to you too.. I enjoy trying to find blue things!

    Denise~ I have enjoyed all the flowers showcased by the participants of your Meme.. I have many flowers in my world..

    Thanks to all who visited my world today! Have a great day!

  7. Looks more like a fly- maybe a robber fly. In any case, nice photo.


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