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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The More Things Change... the More They Stay The Same...

" Although we love the idea of choice - our culture almost worships it - we seek refuge in the familiar and the comfortable. " 

   ~ Hugh Mackay

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Weekend Reflections #178-

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Sepia Saturday #165-

a diving spot.?.

a Coopers Hawk..

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Photo Blog Challenges Theme #8 - Snowy

"final clearance"

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Saturday Photo Hunt - "upper"

"upper shelf"

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I have been missing for a long while.. I had so many things to do.. a million steps to take.. and more and more songs to sing..I thank all who visit here.. I welcome both comments and followers.. I hope you have a wonderful day..


  1. The flamingos have such vivid colors ! And I like the second picture too : the filter you use makes it look quite old, it is funny.

  2. You certainly seem to tick lots of meme boxes with this little collection.

  3. All these photos are really nice, but I particularly like the one of the flamingos with their reflection in the pond.

  4. beautiful pics and great reflections in the first :)


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