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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I think I am melting...

" Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. " ~  Confucius

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Vintage Thingy Thursday-

Midweek Blues-
White Wednesday #110
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Yard Art on Thursday-
Sepia Scenes #142
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Signs... Signs...
... this sign is way out in the middle of no where and stands halfway across a large pond...  I didn't try to trespass out to it..  but I wonder if they have a lot of trouble with people walking on their water?..
Watery Wednesday #150
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Thursday Challenge- Construction...
ABC Wednesday...
B is for Building Bridges..
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Lensday Challenge- Summer Time...
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Who do you love... photojournalism
Maya and I were bonding on the swings early in the morning.. before the party started..
The crowd gathered and musical squares was loads of fun.. Beth and Reuben battled to the finish.. we played lots and lots of games..
Mason was worried that he wouldn't get to play because of his broken ankle.. he forgot that Grandma is crafty and he could play some games .. like fishing.. sitting down..
I had lots of sibling help with keeping the platters filled and the chicken cooked..
 We bonded and played and laughed together..
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  1. I love vintagy things too! Especially blue vintage things.

  2. b could also be that beautiful blue plate!

    rog, abc wednesday team

  3. Nice your shoot me collage too. Nothing like fun family times!

  4. What an interesting variety of things for today. You covered everything very well.

  5. I'm wondering how a motion detector would work, way out in the middle of that pond?!
    I like your blue plates, too.

  6. So much covered in this post. :)


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